Will Cala Bona ever be the same?

This is a 4K super smooth video posted onto YouTube today of a bike ride along the Cala Bona promenade. Things now look a lot different from what most of us remember. The walk or cycle in this case along the promenade is quiet, very weird and somewhat depressing.

2020 Pandemic

It is now Septemeber 2020 and whilst it is normally quiet here at this time of year we are of course experiencing a pandemic and the streets of Cala Bona to Cala Millor and across Son Servera and Mallorca are even more deserted.

Businesses Close

Most of the cafes, bars and restaurants at this time would be coming to a close of not already however this year everything has closed early. Whilst some did attempt to open for a short time in between the Mallorcan loch downs most have closed altogether.

Sadly some businesses have had to close their doors for the last time with little chance they will ever stand the chance of opening again.

Different Landscape

There is no doubt when tourists eventually do return to Mallorca and Cala Bona the landscape they will have changed quite a bit. Closed businesses, maybe some new businesses in their place but there is no doubt it will take some time for things to get back to where they were prior to the Coronavirus (Covid 19) pandemic.