Are you looking for an Indian Restaurant Cala Bona?

Kashmir Balti is the highest rated Indian Restaurant in Cala Bona and Son Servera. It offers amazing service, top quality food, the restaurant itself very clean – the toilets too and you’ll always be met by very friendly and attending staff. 

You will most likely be greeted and seated by the owner Sulman who has always been very professional. I think it was our second or maybe 3rd year before we found out he was the owner – we always thought he was a waiter. He is a lovely man and always says hello to us even when we meet him away from his restaurant.

(I remember one time he shouted at me from across the street – “are you the guy who made the video on Youtube about his Indian restaurant”, I replied yes!) To be honest, it was only a very short video saying about how impressed we were about the Kashmir Balti but he managed to see it and he was impressed. 

Top Rated Cala Bona Restaurant

The Kashmir Balti is our go-to for delicious Indian food and unbelievable views, probably and arguably the best views you will get in Cala Bona whilst dining out.

If you time it right you will dine out and be able to watch the sun go down.

If you like Indian Food try Kashmir Balti the best in Son Servera

At the Kashmir Balti you’ll find friendly staff and a menu you with plenty to choose from for young to old and our two kids were always happy eating from the kid’s menu and some of the Indian dishes, including their favourite popadoms. It’s got to be said the spiced onions were absolutely delicious and some of the tastiest spiced onions I’ve ever tasted. The quality of all the dishes we’ve ever eaten here is brilliant, honestly.

The location of the restaurant runs alongside a road that goes into the harbour but the road itself is never very busy. 

(Sin Gluten) Gluten Free Food Cala Bona

If you are looking for gluten-free food in Cala Bona look no further than the Kashmir Balti.

As someone who suffers from a gluten intolerance and I am pretty sensitive, I need to be sure that where I eat and that I do no get problems after I leave the restaurant. 

I can honestly say that I’ve never had a problem eating here and they have always explained how they cook and prepare the food before I even placed my order. 

These days I find that most Indian restaurants I go to make their food using flours that do not have gluten. 

But of course, as always make sure you always ask before placing your order as things may change.