Cala Bona FAQs

A collection of the frequently asked questions related to Cala Bona asked by tourists and holidaymakers before visiting Cala Bona or even when they are here on holidays.

Does Cala Bona have a nice seafront or promenade?

Yes indeed, the seafront runs from Cala Bona harbour all the way until it meets with the Cala Millor seafront and has a combination of sandy beach and large rocks along the way. It’s a beautiful walk and takes roughly 30 minutes at a casual pace. Enjoy many shops, cafes, restaurants along the promenade.

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Is Cala Bona good for young Family holidays?
Yes, certainly there are lots of family activities for during the day and at night such as bikes, go-karts and electric karts for hire, inflatable bouncy castles & trampolines, public parks, mechanical horse riding for kids and loads more sure to keep you and your family busy during the day and at night.
Does Cala Bona have good Restaurants?
For sure Cala Bona has a lot to offer when it comes to good food and great restaurants. We have been dining here for many years and it gets better each year. From traditional Spanish to Italian, Steakhouses, all round European, English style, Tapas, Indian, Chinese to choose from. There are easily 40 restaurants in the Cala Bona harbour and surrounding areas to choose from. You may also walk south down the promenade to Cala Millor where many more restaurants await you. 

Does Cala Bona have a good selection of Shops?

Cala Bona has a fantastic selection of shops some selling similar products but all with great variety and there’s always plenty of options. Spanish gifts, belts, clothing, kids toys, watches and jewellery, ornaments, blow-up toys and swimming aids, sunglasses, bags and plenty of supermarkets. There’s so much more I could list but I’m sure you get the picture.

What towns is Cala Bona near to?

Cala Bona is the neighbouring town of Cala Millor which is situated beside Sa Coma. These would be two of the larger resorts moving south from Cala Bona. Costa Del Pins is to the north and Porto Cristo, which lays to the south of Sa Coma. Son Servera is a village less than ten minutes by car. 

Does Cala Bona have a hospital nearby?

There is a hospital in Porto Cristo only 15 minutes by car. There are another three hospitals on the island with two of them being in Palma.

Are the Beaches busy in Cala Bona in July & August?

The Cala Bona beach is pretty small. So in July and August, it can be busy but it’s also quiet in comparison to the beach down the promenade in Cala Millor. If you want to get a bed during peak times get down before 11am.

Does Cala Bona have a Water Park?

There isn’t a water park in Cala Bona. The nearest water park is roughly 15 minutes by car and called Splash world (or Spash). But take note that Spash is part of Globales Bougenviller a local hotel resort and much smaller than the larger water parks on the south of the island.

Would Cala Bona suit 18-30 holidays?
No! Cala Bona doesn’t have nightclubs and disco bars at all. It is a relaxed family vibe perfect for kids, parents, seniors and couples looking for a more relaxed holiday.

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Does Cala Bona have a lot of Bars and Nightclubs?

Cala Bona has a large selection of Spanish and British bars and hotel bars but no nightclubs. Most bars are closed before midnight. This may be one of the reasons so many people like this area. On the other hand, Cala Millor is much more vibrant at night and if you are seeking a more lively holiday you might be interested in going there.

How far is Cala Bona from Palma?

Cala Bona is 75km from Palma and roughly one hour by car or bus transfer from the airport without stops.  

Where is Cala Bona located in Mallorca?

Cala Bona is on the East of the Island above Cala Millor and controlled by the council of Son Servera. 

Does Cala Bona have a Football team and stadium?

There are no major football stadiums or teams in the area but some lower league football teams do play in the area. If you travel 15 minutes to Son Severa you’ll find Club Deportivo Serverense who play their home matches at stadium Camp Municipal Ses Eres, with a capacity of 800 people.