Got your bags? How do you get from Palma airport to Cala Bona?

You have finally landed and collected your luggage, it’s time to relax, enjoy your well-earned break and see what Cala Bona has to offer. You just have one final part of the journey though. Many people may take the option included with their package holiday, having to patiently wait while all the other travellers gather their belongings, slowly sweltering as the bus gradually fills up.

In our daily life, we appreciate the value of time, that is why we want to make the most of it, even more so on vacation. Are you looking for another transportation option to get you to Cala Bona? Don’t worry we can show you what else is on offer.

Travelling to Cala Bona from Palma Airport by Car, Taxi, Bus?

Palma Airport

The Palma de Mallorca or Palma Airport is located roughly 8km (5milles) from the city of Palma and approximately 70km from Cala Bona itself. The airport of Palma de Mallorca is also popularly known as Aeropuerto Son Sant Joan. It consists of 4 terminals or modules that saw nearly 30 million passengers come through their gates in 2019. Module A servers mainly non-Schengen and domestic flights while module B is mostly inter-island flights.

Module C is the largest with 33 gates and along with module Dcayers for international flights. Airlines from Aer Lingus to Wizz Air all here but the current state of financial uncertainty for many operators may soon see this change. The airport has a single Arrivals hall located in the Passenger Terminal on level 0, regardless of the module to which the flight arrives.

Transportation Ideas

Car hire in Mallorca

If you want to get behind the wheel yourself and enjoy the freedom to roam about while in Cala Bona then there is, of course, the usual car hire services located at the airport. Several big car hire companies such as Alamo, Avis, Sixt and local firm Goldcar offer rent-a-car services from Palma Airport for those who opt for the luxury of a hired vehicle.

Everything from small economy style cars to larger family estates should be on offer. Many rental firms will run a free shuttle bus to their off-site collection point so bear this in mind if you are planning a quick getaway. If you rent a car at the airport you will still have to go all the way to the garage and search for the car so it is not that much better and queues at the airport can be bigger.

Prices normally range from around 19 euros per day, so a typical fortnight rental could cost 250 – 350 euros depending on vehicle size and fuel usage. The approximate fuel cost to Cala Bona should be 7 – 12 euros. One of the best-rated firms we found was Hiper Rent a Car, a company founded in the Balearic Islands in the 1960s with a great reputation for the quality of customer service they provide and the competitive rates on offer.

They have an office located in nearby Cala Millor so should any major problems arise while in Cala Bona having a local point-of-call can be a real bonus.

Also worth checking is insurance and fuel policies to ensure you are getting decent cover. It may be worthwhile booking full-to-full to avoid any extra costs upon returning the rental and we would always go for an air-conditioned vehicle with GPS/Satnav for a more relaxed drive.

The journey to Cala Bona should take roughly an hour, along Ma-15 and you will find the airport just off Junction 7 of the Autopista de Levante when its time to hand back the keys if it is an onsite rental. There is a Repsol garage close by but this can be pricey so we suggest filing up elsewhere en-route to the drop-off.

Private Transfers

Can I get a Taxi or an Uber at Palma airport?

For tourists who are on a package holiday travelling to Cala Bona is done by coach, however, the most popular private travel method of getting from Palma airport to Cala Bona is by private taxi hire. Mallorca taxis are all officially registered and Uber is currently illegal in Majorca.

If you have no need for a car while here and would rather someone else deal with the roads then a shuttle bus is another idea. The shared shuttle service is a more budget-friendly option with prices starting around 14 euros per person with a journey time of around 110 minutes. Perfect for those staying in a villa or private accommodation,  private transfers are the ultimate hassle-free option.

Seating from 2 to 4 passengers, they are ideal for families and small groups. These can cost around 90 euros per person and takes an hour to get there. Again you’ll pay more if you fancy travelling in more premium style vehicles like Mercedes and BMWs but the extra comfort might just be worth it!

Is there public transport links at the airport?

There is public transport in the form of buses and taxis from the airport terminal.

Where can I get a taxi?

The taxi rank to leave the airport is located at the Arrivals sidewalk of the passenger terminal, level 0. The Mallorca airport taxi cabs operating at the airport are white with a stripe with four red lines on a golden background that crosses the front of the taxi in the middle and the front doors.

The current tariffs for taxi transportation in the island of Mallorca are divided into urban rates (within the term Municipal of Palma) and interurban (rest of municipalities of Mallorca), according to the day and the hour (Tariffs 1, 2, 3 and 4). These charges must be visible inside the taxi and the amount payable must be shown on the meter.

Urban rates:
(within the term Municipal of Palma)
Tariff 2
Nights, Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays
Tariff 1
Working time: Monday to Friday, from 07h to 21h. Monday to Friday from 21h to 07h.
Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays, all day.
Minimum service charge: €3 (1,023 meters or 183 seconds) €4 (1,409 meters or 277 seconds)
Initial service: €1.55 €1.80
Christmas: From 21h from 12/24 until 07h from 27/12, and from 21h from 31/12 until 07h from 01/01: €4,75
Price x Km: €0.88 €1.10
Waiting hour: €17.70 €20.15


Interurban rates:
(rest of municipalities of Mallorca)
Tariff 3
Tariff 4
Saturday mornings
Tariff 3
Saturday afternoon
Tariff 4
Sundays and holidays
Tariff 4
Working time: Monday to Friday, from 06h to 21h. Monday to Friday, from 21h to 06h. from 06h to 14h. from 14h to 06h. All day.
Initial service: €3.12 €4 €3.12 €4 €4
Price x Km: €1.08 €1.24 €1.08 €1.24 1.24
Waiting hour: €18.36 €17.86 €18.36 €17.86 €17.86

The table below also shows additional charges that can be added

To/from airport journey: €2.90
Minimum service charge from the airport (Additional charges included): €13
Pick up passengers at Pelaires dock or West dock (Palma seaport): €2.90
Journey to the castle of Bellver: €0.65
Journey to the Na Burguesa: €2.90
For each package or suitcase: €0.65
To call the taxi station (tariff 2 and tariff 1): €1.05
Guide dog.
Chair disabled.
Baby carriage.
The taxi driver must have €30 currency exchange.
Taxis at the airport rank allow payment with card.

Mallorca Taxi has its own stand in the arrival area, you must go to door 3, to stand 56 where they will be waiting. Taxi Mallorca 365 and OurTaxi4you are other local firms you can contact beforehand. Taxi prices should be roughly 85 – 100 euros for a one-way trip.

Palma Airport to Cala Bona by Bus

For those on a tighter budget and with no need to rush we have included bus transfers which can take anywhere from 2-2.5 hours from terminal 547 Arrivals/Arribades bus to Palma then continuing into Cala Bona itself.

A short 10 mins walk from departures will find you at the correct terminal for the A1(Es Baluard) bus which takes you into Palma for another transfer to the 412 bus alighting at H. Levante but with several changes and numerous stops, this can be a long and tiresome affair.

There is another service on the A42 but it only runs 5 times a week with a shorter travel time of around 1hr 40m. Return fares are roughly 20 euros for the journey.