Hire a Children’s Battery Powered Ride on Car in Cala Bona

Each year we visit Cala Bona I can be assured that the first time we go down the street after arriving in the resort my son Alfie will ask to get a Kids Electric Car also known as a Children’s Battery Powered Ride-on Car.

In this video, you’ll see Alfie test out (pretty thoroughly too) everything this Fiat 500 electric kids car has to offer. I’ll explain why I like the remote-controlled option and I’ll tell you where we hire our bikes and electric cars from in Cala Bona.

Remote Controlled Kids Electric Car

When you hire an electric kids car one thing you’ll quickly realise is that they go pretty quick and very soon your kid will be 20 meters away from you. Me being me, I like to make sure he is close to me and away from hurting anyone because if you get a clip by one of these cars you’ll feel it hurt.

Making sure Alfie is safe and my main priority however I do want him to enjoy himself and feel as if he has a big of freedom. That is why his wee Fiat 500 electric car is a great choice. It is controlled by a remote so that he can feel as if he is driving the car but it is being controlled by myself walking behind him.

Rent a Bike & Tours Sancho

I have been going on my summer holidays to Cala Bona now since 2013, and you get to understand overtime what the local people call certain places.

Rent a Bike & Tours Sancho is known as Bike Sancho. They do hire for kids, adults and groups. They also do tours for cyclists. Their bike hire, electric car hire and go-karts can be seen on the streets and promenade throughout Cala Bona for miles. You’ll often see their hires down as far as Cala Millor beach. They are a very well organised, popular and very well rated bike hire shop. They have plenty of options and stock and you’re never left hanging about for too long, a quick and prompt service, I’d say.

Honest People / Quality Service

I even saw them fix a kids buggy. The wheel had come loose and the guy pulled her over. They spoke for a quick minute and then they removed the kid, propped up the stroller and the Spanish ‘bike shop’ gentleman began to fix it using his tools. He would even take any money for fixing it. Brilliant!

They are rated very highly on Google and have over 150 reviews to date.

Their website is https://rentabikesancho.com if you wish to have a look.