Janet & Johns in Cala Bona

Hi, I am Emily and I’m age 11 and this is what I think of Janet & Johns in Cala Bona from a kids perspective so that other children and parents can get a good idea of why we like coming here.

My family and I have been going to Cala Bona since I was five and we have visited Janet and John’s on many occasions. It must be said that Janet and Johns is a great place to eat out in Cala Bona for kids. Both my brother and I have always had plenty of options and great dinners here.

And it would be great if you could read what my Dad wrote about Janet and Johns best restaurant in Cala Bona it is very good.

Food Options

Janet and Johns offer a wide range of food for kids from meat to fish from pizza to pasta there is guaranteed something for your little ones to like, Janet and Johns also offers a range of vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options.

I have to say my favourite food here was the fish fingers. They were great quality fish, nice white on the inside, it came with chips and veg, but I didn’t have the veg. I also got garlic bread. I like their pizza here too. And I always finished with Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.

They also do breakfasts too. I had an accident and bit my tongue off (oh the blood!!) and when I returned from the hospital they made me a pizza for breakfast, lol. (it was good!!)


I am a Coca-cola or Pepsi drinker. I love a coke with ice (no lemon or orange). But they have lots to drink for kids. From fizzy drinks to flavoured drinks and fruit shoot type drinks. They also have bottles of water.

If you have a baby they can heat milk for you.


The staff are great and the owner Lorne always meets you with a laugh and a joke. Lorne speaks with an English accent but has lived in Cala Bona since he was a boy, it is very funny when he talks to you in English then looks at his staff and speak really fast Spanish. He runs the restaurant with his wife and they are both very friendly. Most of the staff have been there since we started eating at Janet and John’s.


There are male, female and disabled toilets that are all very clean and very accessible.


Janet and John’s is right on the harbour and if you go in to go yourself something to eat or a refreshment you are most likely going to see some beautiful little boats in the Cala Bona harbour.

Food for adults

For adults, there are lots of British and European foods options that my Mum and Dad say are great tasting and value for money.


I think Janet & John’s deserves a 5 out of 5 and I will ask my Dad to write them a review on Google for me and the family.

Janet & Johns online

Did you know that Janet & Johns have a web address and a Facebook page? Yes, they do and here is the link to their online presence.


Here are photos we have taken since 2013 at Janet and Johns in Cala Bona. You will see some restaurant and staff photos and also some food photos, these were orders we placed and we can say that everything was fantastic, tasty and very well cooked.

Restaurant Photos

Food Photos

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